MRS. O'POODLES -                    ...welcomes you to O'Shannonville
Puppies available now         .........June 2018...........

1...F1b Labradoodle girl, 3 months old. Very gentle and loving, red with wirey coat.

2...F1b Goldendoodles...Ready to go late  July. All red and curly.   Lot's of boys!

3...An older F1b Goldendoodle boy, 6 months, some training...just waiting for his "person" to find him and take him home.


We're accepting deposits now of $300 to hold a puppy for you!
Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable to any of our future Doodle litters, with no time limit! 
 When you get to choose your puppy would depend on when you made your deposit!
I will organize appointments for each individual family, when the pups are about 5 to 8 weeks old, and keep the pups here until they are at least 8 weeks old!
In the past, we have had a few folks who picked their pups by photo and video, and my description of personality!
That works, but I love to watch while a person is being "picked" by an individual pup! It's amazing, and the pups seem to know when "their family" comes!

All our puppies carry our 'Lifetime Guarantee' for genetic soundness and calm, laid back disposition. Understand that we can't refund money, but YOU can pick a healthy puppy to replace your dog, should some serious genetic problem manifest! (It hasn't yet) And you will NOT have to return your affected pet!                                                                            
We would need proper veterinarian documentation, of course.
We've had only one report of a mild genetic problem in the last 10 years! 
And this bloodline is calm and laid back, too! 

Here's a glimpse into life in O'Shannonville over 25 years!

O'Shannonville is a small community nestled deep in the Oregon woods, once inhabited by a large Human Family with six children, 2 parents and ONE dog plus a big organic garden.

me readin g to my small children

Life was peaceful and serene in O'Shannonville until Mrs. O'Poodles was stricken with the dread post-PMS disease known to only a few, as MPS or "Multiple Poodle Syndrome"!. No cure has been found for this puzzling condition, however some folks seem to be totally immune...but not poor Mrs. O'Poodles. Actually, it's poor MR. O'Poodles who has suffered the most from this invasive disease, even though he shows strong signs of immunity. Meanwhile, MRS. O'Poodles remains oblivious to her condition.

Mrs. O'Poodles of O'Shannonville

An O'Shannon Red pup An example of MPS...You can't have just ONE Poodle!

4 Red boys in the lineup

Mr. and Mrs. O'Poodles' six children having mostly grown up, now with little ones of their own, fled the woodsy homestead, hoping to remain unaffected by MPS.

family wcottonwood lake

Most succeeded, however one is highly suspect, although she tries to hide it.

Here is Stormy with her daughter Honor...Oh wait...that's not her daughter! That's Thunder...beloved Boxer.

Stormy getting kisses from ThunderHonor talking to three pups

Looks like Honor takes after Granny O'Poodles. heh! heh!

Honor helps Granny O'Poodles by loving and holding all our new pups.

Honor and Bubbapuppy love..parti boy and Honor

puppy kisses and Honor Mama Stormy, Papa Richard and big sister Madison all love their dogs and are in real danger of developing MDS...Multiple Dog Syndrome.

This is a kissing bunch of people! I love them! They're like ME!

Mama Stormy and Papa Richard...all heavy kissers!
Richard and duckStormy kissing a goat

honor kissing catgirls and Sally

my kinda and cat bed

Honor sleeping with 3 dogs

Rich and Twinkle table
Richard sleeping with sally

Madison, not to be outdone by the other members of her family....

Maddie kissing baby goat

Maddie kissing Twinkle

Maddie kissing catCurrent update for Maddie...22 years old (as of Sept. 2017), with two years of University study behind her, living in NYC, (temporarily we hope) and planning to further her education...
She's been seen kissing BOYs now, OOPS! I guess she's kissing a certain young man, these days! She's 22 yrs old! Where does the time go?

Will she return to her wacko family and continue kissing goats...or will she become a CITY girl and continue kissing that certain young man that she's been seen with? Time will tell...

My youngest son Andy, and his sweet new wife (of 5 happy years)...beautiful Ashley, have a Beagle...just one dog.How impoverished!
They had a beloved Cat, but it didn't last very long, after dashing out the forbidden door, into the street!
He was a good cat!

Andy ashley luluI'm so glad that they believe in "dog kisses"! It runs in the family, I guess.

Lulu kissing Judah
I guess it's OK to have just one dog 'cause they have a gorgeous son to keep Lulu company...his name is Judah and he loves dogs, just like Granny O'Poodles.

Now the one-dog family have a new little son, Rees. Lulu dutifully and lovingly takes up her guard post right beside Rees as he naps.

12466157 10153441181547153 8658264146539156568 o
"It was MY bed first" ... she whispers.
Sun Flowers

WOW! My, Oh my! That Beagle means business!
Actually, Miss Lulu (formerly a street urchin in Kansas City), is as gentle and loving as they come! She loves those babies...especially when they are old enough to spill their food on the floor! That's her favorite thing and she wouldn't miss "feeding time" for anything in the world! She does love her twice daily walks with The Mother and The two Boys all through the lovely streets of Ashland, Oregon...where wild deer wander in the streets and yards, to either the delight (or anguish) of the neighborhood.
They eat shrubs, gardens, flowers and scare some folks and little children! But it's still a delight to see deer in the street!

lunch with boys, Andy
The Good Wife, Ashley brings Andy lunch during his workday! But where is Miss Lulu? Guess she is all tuckered out from her morning walk.

Lilly and Bfrettani
My oldest son Cedar and wife Brettani used to have a LabraDoodle...but now their kids get plenty of dog-time at Granny O'Poodles. Yet I am still very concerned that they are "dogless" at the present. They do have least.
And now they have an indoor cat! Whew! I was concerned...

Their kids Carter and Lucy, help Granny O'Poodles by playing with puppies.

Lucy  lapfulCarter LD pup

Lucy pile a pups ddLucy sweet hug

4 yr old Lucy has found a new friend...
Lucy loving that horse
Lucy with horse

twinkle and carter hugsCarterpup


My youngest daughter Willow and family have a Border collie cross.. just one. They also have pygmy goats and two cats, but that Boomer doesn't let those catz get into any mischief in the house...Looks like the catz win out! and where's Boomer?

brody and catLivie and cat

My oldest daughter Robin and husband have a Pit Bull..just one. Gee! They used to have 4 dogs in the house...what happened? Itza puzzle to Mrs. O'Poodles!


My 2nd oldest daughter Margo and husband have a cat...and NO DAWGS! I'm worried for them...


The Mayor lives just outside the City Limits.

Is he IN or OUT of the city limits in this pic?

Crazy Dave, The Mayor of O'Shannonville

The Mayor has many fine friends around the outskirts of the city whom he calls his COMMITTEE.

The Mayor's Committee

They have secret conferences with THE Mayor, in their own private "NO-Dog Zone" quarters and have elected Willy, the Mini donkey to be thesecret tale-bearer and spy since he has super abilities with those long ears and can hear THE Poodles/Doodles scheming and conniving against THE Mayor and his Committee.

The Spy and The Mayor
Blackie, the committee enforcer and 2nd in command takes his job very seriously, and is diligent at keeping those pesky Poodles away from THE Mayor's door!

Blackie, guarding the Mayor's door
The Mayor's office outside O'Shannonville

Standard Poodle Service dogs OR  97526,

The Hilariously Happy Couple!
MR. and MRS. O'Poodles

2009, Nov. The Hilariously happy couple!

Uh Oh! check out the Mayor.....


download (4)

Is MR. O'Poodles exhibiting symptoms of MPS?

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Meanwhile... Mrs. O'Poodles and her beloved Poodle/Doodle Pack continue to enjoy life in O'Shannonville.

Mrs. O'Poodles' Happy Poodles

punk poodles of O'Shannonville

Mrs. O'Poodles' therapy hour There's nothing more relaxing than taking a nap with good friends!