MRS. O'POODLES -                    ...welcomes you to O'Shannonville
They have safely arrived!
17 healthy little RED puppies!
Melody: 8 puppies
Harmony: 9 puppies

These are Melody & Teddy babies!
Melody is an AKC Standard Poodle & Teddy is a 50/50 (F1) Goldendoodle!

This is their first family together!
DOB 6/1/17
5 boys and 3 girls

Harmony is an AKC Standard Poodle
She's also a half sister to Melody!
Harmony and Teddy had a wonderful litter together last year! So here's more of the same!

Rusty is Papa to Melody & Harmony, and also the Papa of many Poodles and Doodles over his healthy 9 1/2 years! He is a half brother to our good old departed Gus Gus...the poodle that is the foundation for the best of the best of our current breeding stock over the past 20 plus years!

Poco Rusty Red O'Shannon...
AKC #...PR10887902 red
OFA Good

Harmony's dam: Moment O'Memories Brotherton
AKC#...PR16462401 red

Moment's parents are O'Shannon Poodles!
Puppy-Papa is:
Teddy O'Shannon...
F1 Goldendoodle

Papa Teddy O'Shannon....F1 GoldenDoodle.

His sire is an AKC Golden Retriever...Gunner

(non- refundable, but transferable to another puppy or stud service).
Lifetime guarantee for genetic soundness and calm intelligent disposition.

These pics are of full siblings from the spring of 2013...same Dad, different mom, (but closely related)...and same kid time with my grandchildren.
Their new families have sent many positive updates...all are healthy, calm and beloved members of their new "pack". References readily available...just ask.

Many references available...just ask.