MRS. O'POODLES -                    ...welcomes you to O'Shannonville

At present AKC Poodle residents include these individuals:

image"Lil Rusty" aka
Rusty Red


48 lbs
OFA Good

AKC# PR10887902 
OFA Good hips

Rusty's Poodle daughters:

AND  Goldendoodle Teddy's puppy-mamas!

Harmony O'Shannon:
She loves to sleep on my bed...across the top of my head.

Melody Ann O'Shannon
Melody is a bit smaller than Harmony and is a "talker"!
Melody watching out the window, while Harmony waits on my bed.

Breezy Day O'Shannon is our first F1b Goldendoodle Mama ...with F1 Goldendoodle Teddy. 
They happily raised three litters of pups, who are now beloved family members all around the Northwest!
She is is unhappily retired now!
She still wants puppies! 
When she sees her old BFF Harmony with new puppies, she was has a bitch-fit! They are no longer BFF's, but bitter enemies! They peacefully lived together with me, in my room for the first 3 years of Harmony's life,until there was some misunder-dog-standing! Maybe there were insults and dog-words of jealousy