MRS. O'POODLES -                    ...welcomes you to O'Shannonville

   Meet Mr. Teddy, an F1 Golden Doodle.
Teddy is interested in meeting Lady Poodles and Lady Doodles for the purpose of romance...and desires only a short term relationship...

Fee for Teddy's services...$800, guaranteed puppies or a return romantic interlude is free!

(brucellosis test with a negative result is required, to protect all involved).
Those doggone dogs are a  promiscuous bunch, although not allowed in O'Shannonville of course. But, you never know what goes on when we're not just to keep both parties free of STDS ...a simple blood test will reveal a clean bill of health that is free of 'Sexually Transmitted Disease'...aka  STDs.


 Preliminary OFA fair....Teddy has the disposition of a clown. He is full of fun and the life of the party!
He weighs about 60 lbs.      

Teddy's sire is Gunner from Ware's Pawsable Dogs, a dark golden colored AKC Golden Retriever.

Teddy's Mom is Delta...Eastridge Delta Choco Star.
She is a pretty chocolate AKC St. Poodle.

Here's some pics of his offspring, F1B pups with my AKC red Standard Poodle, Breezey Day O'Shannon (pictured below).
This big guy "ABLE"  has an unusual coat for an F1b...he is a deep red and his coat is wavvy not curly. The rest of the litter had curly non-shedding coats. 

Sienna...Able's littermate has the proper coat...non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.

Danny another littermate to Sienna and Able...he has Doodle pups of his own.

Danny all grown up with pups of his own!

Danny's kids Teddy's Grand Puppies...all RED!

Teddy kids.


Another Teddy pup