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F1 LabraDoodle Puppy...ONE LEFT!

                               A Lab-like boy...6 months old...
and very loving and gentle in nature.
This little guy was the first to venture out of his nest and the first to explore his surroundings.
He is now 6 months old and the last of his litter to find a home...but he has been my favorite from the beginning...because he has always been the most curious and adventurous of the litter. He is not an alpha-type dog, just very curious and intelligent.
He is loving and likes to sleep on my bed.
The entire family of pups were raised under my bed until they began to poop real puppy poop and also discovered "cords to chew on"...electric, etc. They were then introduced to living outside in a large fenced-in area, with older dogs...and a more independent life.
This little guy is now back "under my bed...and on my bed"...because his sister just found her forever home today...and the little guy is lonely.
His price is $200...with a 4 year genetic health guarantee...and a calm disposition...which he gets from his Daddy...Lil Rusty!

Call me for an appointment to meet and get to know this little guy.