MRS. O'POODLES -                    ...welcomes you to O'Shannonville

Dec. 2013
A change of direction has been occurring in O'Shannonville over the last two years.
Mrs. O'Poodles is slowing down, and Mr. O'Poodles is delighted to assist her. (He always wanted far less dogs in the township of O'Shannonville!)

Mrs. O'Poodles, OR , 97526
In fact, after Mrs.O'Poodles hip surgery in May with a prolonged recovery time, Mr. O'Poodles stepped up to the plate like the true hero he is, and
AKC Standard Poodles,OR , 97526
  Red Standard Poodles, Parti Standard Poodlestook over the daily duties of doggie doo-doo disposal and hosing...all after a long day at work! He has truly earned his title of the esteemed MAYOR of O'Shannonville, along with Mrs. O'Poodles' respect and appreciation!

Chocolate Standard Poodles,  Black Standard PoodlesSo it was decided to downsize... and diversify.
A dear friend who loves O'Shannon bloodlines, took most of the beloved Poodles home and will continue the breeding program.
We are now breathing a collective sigh of relief that our poodles have a happy house dog life on an estate with lots of running room...and the O'Shannon lines will continue on.
Lil Rusty on the hunt
On the homefront, we still have...
Lil Rusty.

Breeze and flowers
and Breeze...

Red AKC St. Poodles...

and a young black daughter of Breeze and Sullivan named Lolly O'Shannon.
Breeze girl  11 wkShe is just 12 months old and will replace her Mama Breeze as the main Poodle Mama of O'Shannonville.

We have enjoyed our last two years of raising doodles, F1 and F1B Labradoodles...and F1B Goldendoodles... and have decided to phase out the Labradoodles and focus on Goldendoodles...F1 and F1B.

Irene sniffing flowersIrene loves to sniff flowers.
She's our F1 Labradoodle Mama

Teddy, our F1 Goldendoodle Papa loves to sniff flowers too.

Teddy sniffing flowers

So that's the current SCOOP!
This is our population of breeding dogs in O' pups.

Life is good, but I still have MPS (multiple poodle syndrome).
I have to use the utmost self dicipline when we have puppies...and lots of prayer...I love those Poodles!

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