MRS. O'POODLES -                    ...welcomes you to O'Shannonville
All about the RED POODLES

Mrs. O'Poodles also has TWO REDheaded grandchildren, Madison and Brody!

Mrs. O'Poodles REDhead grandson with a cabbage grown in O'Shannonville!Mrs. O'Poodles' Redhead grand daughter with a Non-Poodle!

  History of Mrs. O'Poodles' RED Poodles      

Palmares Rusty Red of Kimron                                  SK's Alona Le Black
  OFA Good  born  1/24/97                        born 3/18/1996  OFA good
Alona best face My first Black Standard PoodleRusty...    

Andy and Alona, my all time Best Poodle

romance in O'ShannonvilleOne of Rusty's first girlfriends was Alona...
SK's Alona Le Black, whose parents were Te-Awa Poodles. She came to live with Mrs. O'Poodles in  Dec. of 1997 and they had 12 puppies in Jan. of 1998.

Head of the CLAN ...Rusty came to live in O'Shannonville as a semi-retiree at the age of 8 years, in 2005. We were honored to have him live amongst us. (Alona enjoyed his presence too). 
Palmares Rusty..9 years ..the first Red Standard Poodle for O'ShannonvilleRusty,  Daddy of Gus Gus and Lil Rusty.

 Rusty enjoying his retirement!
retirement is such fun

                  Gus Gus O'Shannon
                            PennHIP  90th percentile

Gus Gus was one of Alona and Rusty's babies and a KEEPER!  Gus Gus was a big boy right from the start...and always gentle and kind. Gus topped out in weight at over 90 lbs in his prime. Rusty weighed about 55 lbs in this picture in early 2000.

3 generations in O'Shannonville, Rusty, Gus and a son of Gus Alona &  Gus, begging Poodles


Romance is in the air in O'ShannonvilleRed Megan was Gus' favorite               

       OFA Good

Red Megan , pretty standard Poodle Mama
 Gus and Red Megan raised two RED families. Some of their children include  Justin, Jesse, Jewel, CeeCee, Fire Dancer, Lady Chin, Chilli, Sully, Jake, Zac and more. 

 Gus soon be came the STAR of O'Shannonville!  His gentle laid back disposition, sound genetics and his big-boned frame transferred to his  children and grandchildren too.  

          He soon had many girlfriends
Are you my dad? Gus Gus and poodle puppy

Papa Gus, always gentle with babies. Sometimes he would get in the nest with pups and lick them clean while 
Mama took a break.                                Gus napping with friends
Gus napping with Daisy Doodle
    Gus Dear,   I really need a break...
Chica and her O'Shannon red Poodle puppies...

Gus napping with his friend The Pug

Kalee Rose Chillipepper...born April 2002 ...OFA Good
CeeCee O'Shannon...born April 2002   

Romance abounds in O'ShannonvilleChilli and CeeCee were daughters from Red Megan and Gus' second family and became permanent residents. 

Chilli...pretty apricot couch potato.
She loved those couches, so Mrs. O'Poodles provided her with a summer couch outdoors.

Chilli enjoying her very own couch

Whogee Man, popular fellow in O'Shannonville    Kalee-Rose Whogee Man...was Chilli's first and only true love!  They raised several families together...

a handfull of Chilli boys


...until the untimely and accidental death of Chilli's beloved Whogee Man.
Chilli and Whogee Man's family of Red standard Poodle puppies
The Rainbo BridgeGood Bye my beloved Whogee  

Chilli has not been the same since, however she is dealing with it. That's probably why she is still a couch potato.
             Chilli..dealing with it!                 
Chilli, the Lounge LizardChilli grumpy face


Chilli and Whogee had a beautiful son named Roley Rojo O'Shannon

Roley Rojo O'ShannonRoley Rojo O'Shannon

They also had a daughter named Chickasaw Red O'Shannon aka Chica

   Chica as a baby puppy
     born May 2004
Chicasaw Red O'Shannon as a baby

Chica, became a permanent resident of O'Shannonville as a wee pup and is an esteemed member of the family today.

Mrs. O'Poodles, Dasan ...favorite of Chilli and Chica

Chica grew up and  fell in love with Dasan

Poodle Romance in O'Shannonville


  Dog Joy  O'Shannonville styleDasan & Chica  by the Rogue River


 Since Chilli was now a widow and very lonely, she had no choice but to fall for the persistent (and annoying) attentions of Dasan!
So Chica and Mother Chilli shared the affections AND puppies of Dasan.  ...not considered sick-o in dogworld, by most!

Romance in O'ShannonvilleSome of Dasan's pups with Chilli and Chica, always red and ususally BIG!

Horatio from O'Shannonville

Horatio in Anderson, Calif.
(close to Redding), is producing some great Standard Poodles for Jim Thompson

Marquis ..son of Dasan and Chickasaw Red O'Shannon in a Guardian home close to Mrs. O'Poodles and is intact and ready for romance.

Colorado Rusty from O'Shannonville

Another "Rusty", and in a loving home in Colorado.

Chilli and Dasan's O'Shannon bird dog
Cedar from New Mexico is a talented bird dog and holds AKC titles right along with the Labs and other Retreivers.

Red boy playing on grass, Dasan and Chilli's O'Shannon big red PoodleBig Red lives in New York

O'Shannon Poodle as a therapy dog
Another red brother looks like a therapy dog or a lapdog or both!

CeeCee O'Shannon (litter-mate to Chilli) also shared Dasan's affections, and Big Clifford is one of their sons.

CC O'Shannon with 5 girls

CeeCee and Dasan's new family

    Clifford, the Big Red Dog
Mrs. O'Poodles' Clifford  smiling

Cliff, Grandson of Gus Gus O'Shannon

Clifford came to live in O'Shannonville as a three year old and the resemblance between he and his Grandsire Gus Gus was uncanny!

After Dasan moved on, Clifford moved in...on the ladies!

more Poodle romanceHe and Chica had a long-term romance that resulted in three litters of RED puppies...perhaps the best of Mrs. O'Poodles' Poodle Pack, yet!

After Dasan left however, Chica first found herself hanging out with The Patriarch Palmares Rusty (sire of Gus). thing led to another and you know the story...PUPPIES!  These were to be Old Rusty's last...
Mrs. O'Poodles ChicaPapa Rusty living in O'Shannonville in his golden years

    Rusty and Chica

Two great boys from their family are Rojo Rusty O'Shannon and Poco Rusty Red O'Shannon aka LIL Rusty.
Lil Rusty is a keeper and a LAP DOG. 
He is a bit smaller than most O'Shannon Poodles weighing 47 lbs at 2 years old.

Poco Rusty Red O'Shannon   dob 10/20 2007    OFA Good
Poco Rusty Red O'ShannonPoco Rusty Red O'Shannon

Lil Rusty's brother Rojo, lived in O'Shannonville with his brother for the first two years.
It was decided to introduce Rojo to a sweet young Golden Retreiver named Bella who belonged to the Service Dog Organization known as "Canine Angels" in Southern Oregon.

Check out for some great and uplifting news about how service dogs have changed the lives of handicapped kids and their families.
Of course it is a Non-profit org. so all donations are tax deductable and so very much appreciated and well used.

Rojo Rusty O'Shannon and his Golden girlfriend, Bella
Bella (Golden Retreiver) & Rojo during their brief romance. 
(see more on the Service Dog page).
They had a beautiful family that was named THE PEANUTS GANG..    

Continued on THE SERVICE DOG page
owned by service dog trainer and provider Canine Angels.  Please visit them at:
Located in southern Oregon...
Most of the apricot/red Doodles and Poodles are from O'Shannon pups.