MRS. O'POODLES -                    ...welcomes you to O'Shannonville

Canine Angels...Service Dog trainer and provider for handicapped children.

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Read about the continuing saga concerning the romance of Canine Angels' Golden Retriever Bella and Mrs. O'Poodles   RUSTY ROJO O'SHANNON.

Once upon a time, on Dec.11, 2008....10 little Goldendoodle puppies were born to Bella, who lived in Southern California. They were named THE PEANUTS GANG!

Soon they were off to their puppy raiser homes in several western states for the next year, where they would learn many important things.
They would then return for advanced training to the Canine Angels training facility where they would prepare for careers as Service dogs, Facility dogs, assistance social dogs, and/or PALS.

Soon they were  learning amazing new skills.

                                                                         Learning to be calm and obedient was very important. 

After many months, advanced training was over and it was time to be matched up with their new families and learn to work together. was graduation time for the teams.  

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