MRS. O'POODLES -                    ...welcomes you to O'Shannonville
               NOVEMBER 2018 

                                     New Puppies arriving this month!

                 F1b Goldendoodles...have arrived...

Only 3 pups born to Melody and Teddy...2 girls and a boy! We were expecting a much bigger litter, but we're very thankful for this healthy little trio!  
Maybe Teddy needs a  tonic??? He's getting middle aged  at 8 years old! He'll be getting some Vit. E and some Oxy-stud...a supplement that has been effective for us in the past!
They were born Monday morning...10/29/18

Papa Teddy (F1 Goldendoodle)                                     Mama Melody 
(AKC St. Poodle)

We're also expecting a litter of:
                                 F2b Doubledoodles...

The Papa is a full sibling to the above three new pups, and we called him Tres. He is an F1b RED Goldendoodle and lives close by in his new home.

Mama Irene (F1 Labradoodle) is expecting any day now, and she usually has lot's of pups! 
She loves being a Mom and would never wean them ever...if they didn't go to their new homes! She seems so sad when they are all she mothers other pups from other moms if she can get away with it! 
Some Moms are very happy to let Auntie Irene take over for awhile, while some moms do not like to share!